By Peter Corless

Scylla Summit 2022, our free online annual user conference, will be held February 09–10, 2022. It’s two days dedicated to the high-performance, low-latency distributed applications driving this next tech cycle. The Call for Speakers (CFS) is now open and we invite you to submit your own proposals…

by Dor Laor

This past week Cassandra 4.0 was finally released as GA, six years after the previous major release.

Initially developed as an open source alternative to Amazon DynamoDB and Google Cloud Bigtable, Cassandra has had a major impact on our industry. To the surprise of none, it eventually…

By Adar Bahar

Like countless other organizations, you are probably already running various cloud services on AWS. You’re running all kinds of compute instances, and using a bunch of other AWS services besides databases. If your company is big enough, you have a CFO who is looking at a single…


The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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