Data-Intensive Applications at Scale: What’s on the Agenda for Scylla Summit

  • Discover the latest distributed database advancements
  • Hear how your peers are solving their toughest database challenges
  • Learn what’s new with ScyllaDB
  • Explore the latest trends across event streaming, wide column and graph databases, and the broader data ecosystem

Day 1: Database Innovations for this Next Tech Cycle: Rust, Raft, Migrations + More

  • How ScyllaDB Powers This Next Tech Cycle — Dor Laor, ScyllaDB
  • What You Need to Know About ScyllaDB 5.0 — Avi Kivity, ScyllaDB
  • New AWS Instances Perfect for ScyllaDB — Ken Krupa, AWS + Tzach Livyatan, ScyllaDB
  • Rakuten’s Catalog Platform Migration from Cassandra to ScyllaDB — Hitesh Shah, Rakuten
  • Making Schema Changes Safe with Raft — Kostja Osipov, ScyllaDB
  • The Future of Consensus in ScyllaDB 5.0 and Beyond — Tomasz Grabiec, ScyllaDB
  • Scalable and Sustainable Supply Chains with Distributed Ledger Technologies and ScyllaDB — José Manuel Cantera, IOTA Foundation
  • How to Migrate a Cassandra Counter Table for 68 Billion Records — Robert Czupioł, Happn
  • Migrating SQL Schemas for ScyllaDB: Data Modeling Best Practices — Pascal Desmarets, Hackolade
  • Learning Rust the Hard Way for a Production Kafka + ScyllaDB Pipeline — Alexys Jacob, Numberly
  • ScyllaDB Rust Driver: One Driver to Rule Them All — Piotr Sarna, ScyllaDB
  • ScyllaDB Embraces Wasm — Piotr Sarna, ScyllaDB
  • Master Data Management Off-Boarding Process Powered by ScyllaDB — Pankaj Gajjar, Contentserv
  • ScyllaDB 5.0 New Features, Part 1 — ScyllaDB Engineering Team

Day 2: What’s Next for Your Data Ecosystem

  • Multi-cloud State for Kubernetes: Anthos and ScyllaDB — Miles Ward + Jenn Viau, SADA
  • What’s New in Scylla Operator for Kubernetes — Maciej Zimnoch + Tomas Nozicka, ScyllaDB
  • Keynote — Bryan Cantrill, Oxide Computer Company
  • Operating at Monstrous New Scales: Benchmarking Petabyte Workloads on ScyllaDB — Benny Halevy, ScyllaDB
  • Powering NXCR’s Event Streaming System with ScyllaDB — Robert McIntosh, NextCar Holdings [NXCR]
  • Reinventing Customer Data Management on the Cloud for Modern Telecommunication Providers — Hili Shtein, Amdocs
  • Building Zeotap’s Privacy Compliant Customer Data Platform (CDP) with ScyllaDB — Shubham Patil + Safal Pandita, Zeotap
  • Redpanda: Building The Fastest Queue in the West with Seastar — John Spray, Redpanda Data
  • FLiP Into Apache Pulsar Apps with ScyllaDB — Timothy Spann, StreamNative
  • Stream Processing with ScyllaDB — No Message Queue Involved! — Daniel Belenky, Palo Alto Networks
  • An Odyssey to ScyllaDB and Apache Kafka — Will LaForest, Confluent
  • ScyllaDB 5.0 New Features, Part 2 — ScyllaDB Engineering Team

Stay Engaged!

  • The ability to engage with speakers during their sessions.
  • Opportunities for 1:1 discussions with our engineers on topics introduced in the sessions
  • Dynamic discussions with — and even among — speakers in the Speakers Lounge, hosted by Peter Corless (ScyllaDB Director of Technical Advocacy)

Peter’s Picks

Join Us Live, February 9–10

  • See what’s new with ScyllaDB: Explore the latest features, hear what’s next on our roadmap, and learn proven ScyllaDB success strategies.
  • Get inspired by your peers: Learn about mission-critical ScyllaDB deployments from the ScyllaDB community. Users will share Cybersecurity, AdTech, FinTech, AI, IoT, and many more real-time use cases.
  • Evolve your data ecosystem: Learn best practices for optimizing your data ecosystem: Kafka, Spark, AI/ML pipelines, JanusGraph, Elastic, and more.
  • Thrive in this next tech cycle: The world is undergoing a massive shift to cloud-native, blink-of-an-eye response, petabyte-scale application. Learn what’s critical for driving change and staying ahead.




The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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