Defining This Next Tech Cycle

Trends in technology shaping this next tech cycle: total data volumes at zettabyte-scale, the proliferation of public cloud services, gigabit per second broadband and wireless services, and CPU transistor and core counts continuing to grow.
Spike proteins of the Delta and Omicron COVID-19 variants, showing the new mutations in the viral pathogen. However, just knowing that there are differences does not mean scientists yet understand the pragmatics of what each difference does or means for human health. Source: New York Times / Bay Area News Group

“Great! Now Make it All Multi-Cloud!”

Computing Beyond Moore’s Law

Evolving Methodologies: Agile and Onwards

Graph showing how Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) evolved independently. They were eventually conjoined by the term “CI/CD,” whose popularity as a search term only began to rise c. 2016 and did not displace the two separate terms until early in 2020. It is now increasingly rare to refer to “CI” or “CD” separately. Source: Google Trends



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