Introducing ScyllaDB Open Source 5.0

The Journey from 4.0 to 5.0

Support for Arm-based Systems

Change Data Capture (CDC)

DynamoDB Compatibility (Alternator)

ScyllaDB Monitoring Stack Advisor Section

Kubernetes Operator Improvements

Faster Shard-Aware Drivers

Repair-based Node Operations (RBNO)

Granular Timeout Controls

Improved Binary Search on Promoted Index

SSTable Index Caching


Production Ready Features in Release 5.0

Support for AWS EC2 I4i Series Instances

I/O Scheduler Improvements

Improved Reverse Queries

New Virtual Tables for Configuration and Nodetool Information

Experimental Features

Schema Changes using Raft

  • Designed to handle very large clusters (1000+ nodes)
  • Resilience against asymmetric network failures
  • Read and write support on all cluster nodes
  • Efficient multi-raft: every node can replicate many state machines

More Robust Tombstone Garbage Collection

ScyllaDB Sizing Up vs. the Competition

ScyllaDB V and the Days Ahead

  • Flexible topology changes — concurrently adding, replacing or removing more than one node at a time from a cluster
  • Elasticity via auto-scaling — reliable, fault tolerant, fast automatic cluster scaling
  • Replacing gossip with Raft — allow faster, more consistent topology changes
  • Strongly-consistent tables — moving from Paxos-based lightweight transactions (LWT) using 3 round trips to fast, Raft-based operations using 1-round trip
  • Tablet partitioning — allows for finer control, better data distribution and load balancing, and easier management of data — faster resharding and cleanup

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