Migrating DynamoDB Workloads From AWS to Google Cloud — Simplified With ScyllaDB Alternator

Launch a ScyllaDB Cloud Alternator instance on Google Cloud

Move to the New Cluster

  • If yes, you need a cold / off line migration. You only needs to migrate the historical data from Dynamo to Scylla, also called forklifting
  • If not, you need a hot / live Migration. You will first need to extend your application to perform dual write to both databases, and only then execute the forklift.

Cold Migration

Hot Migration

Real Time Sync

  • Dual Writes — the application writes the same event to the two DBs. This can extend to dual reads as well, allowing the application to compare the reads in real time. The disadvantage is the need to update the application with non-trivial logic.
  • Consuming DynamoDB Streams to feed the new Database — The disadvantage is the need to set streams for all relevant DynamoDB tables, and the cost associated with it.

Dual Writes


Forklifting Historical Data

Update Your Application





The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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