Scylla Open Source Release 3.2

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New features in Scylla 3.2

CQL: support for GROUP BY to Select statement #2206

CQL: LIKE Operation #4477

CQL: Support open range deletions in CQL #432

CQL: Auto-expand replication_factor for NetworkTopologyStrategy #4210

CQL: Support non-frozen UDTs #2201

CQL: CQL Tracing now include reports on SSTable access #4908

Support IPv6 for client-to-node and node-to-node communication #2027

  • Documentation for IPv6

Scylla Docker node_exporter

Stability: improve CQL server admission control #4768

Performance: Segregate data by timestamp for Time Window Compaction Strategy (TWCS) #2687

Performance: add ZSTD compression #2613

Performance: Repair improvements in Scylla 3.2:

  • Improved data transfer efficiency between nodes. Repair is now switched to use the Seastar RPC stream interface which is more efficient to transfer large amounts of repair data #4581. Read our blog on RPC streaming improvements.
  • Increased the internal row buffer size to provide better performance on cross DC clusters with high latency links. #4581
  • Repair can now adjust ranges to repair in parallel according to memory size #4696

Metric changes Scylla 3.1 to Scylla 3.2

New Experimental features in Scylla 3.2

Scylla 3.2 enables a new per feature experimental list. #5338

Lightweight Transactions (LWT) [Experimental] #1359

Change Data Capture (CDC) [Experimental] #4985

Scylla Alternator: The Open Source DynamoDB-compatible API [Experimental]




The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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The monstrously-fast NoSQL database.

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