Scylla Summit 2022 Call for Speakers

By Peter Corless

Scylla Summit 2022, our free online annual user conference, will be held February 09–10, 2022. It’s two days dedicated to the high-performance, low-latency distributed applications driving this next tech cycle. The Call for Speakers (CFS) is now open and we invite you to submit your own proposals. You can find the CFS application at


ScyllaDB executives and engineers will highlight the latest product and service announcements, reveal a few surprises, as well as provide detailed dives into our technical capabilities and advanced features.

One of the most critical parts of every Scylla Summit comes from you, our user base: your innovations, achievements, integrations, and journeys to production. We’d love for you to share your stories about building scalable, data intensive applications using Scylla.

Countdown to Scylla Summit

We’re just shy of 120 days out, so it’s a perfect time to get things rolling. In fact, let’s go over the schedule:

Making a Great Submission

There are two parts to making a great talk submission: understanding what our audience wants to hear, and framing the story you want to tell in the best light.

What Our Attendees Want to Hear Most:

  • Building for this Next Tech Cycle — The world is undergoing a massive shift to cloud-native, blink-of-an-eye response, petabyte-scale applications. How is your organization driving change?

7 Tips for Submitting a Successful Proposal:

Help us understand why your presentation is perfect for Scylla Summit 2022. Please keep in mind this event is made by and for deeply technical professionals. All presentations and supporting materials must be respectful and inclusive (take a moment to read our Code of Conduct and Diversity & Inclusion Statement).

  • Be authentic — Your peers need original ideas with real-world scenarios, relevant examples, and knowledge transfer

Lessons Learned for Virtual Conferences

This will be the second virtual version of Scylla Summit (check out the 2021 talks here). Plus, this Call for Speakers comes right on the heels of our overwhelmingly successful P99 CONF.

We’ve learned a lot making the transition from in-person to virtual event hosting, and we’d like to share the portions of our process that are most relevant to you as a potential speaker. These processes also explain why we have a schedule set well in advance of the conference itself.

  1. Welcoming speakers of all experience — Scylla Summit will showcase everyone from seasoned pros to first-time speakers, and can span all stages of adoption of our technology. We especially encourage submissions from voices that have been traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry.

Submissions Welcome!

The next part is up to you! Take a day or two to think about what you’d like to talk about. Bounce some ideas off your teammates and professional colleagues if you wish. Just don’t take too long and miss our November 7th deadline! We’re looking forward to reviewing all your great ideas. And if you have any questions which we haven’t answered above, we welcome you to send them to us at