The Cost of Containerization for Your Scylla

Testing Methodology

  • Max throughput for write workloads
  • Latency comparisons at targeted read workload
  • AMI: Scylla 2.2 AMI, running natively on AWS without any further tuning
  • Docker default: Scylla 2.2 official Dockerhub image without any further tuning
  • --cpuset: Scylla 2.2 Dockerhub image, but with CPU pinning and isolation of network interrupts to particular cores, mimicking what is done in the Scylla AMI.
  • --network host: Aside from the steps described in –cpuset, also bypassing the Docker virtualized networking by using the host network.

Max Throughput Tests

Latency Test Results


Where Does the Remaining Difference Come From?


Appendix A: Ways to Improve Performance in a Containerized Environment

Network Interrupts

Shard-per-core Architecture and CPU Pinning

Appendix B: Setup and Systems Used for Testing (AWS)

Appendix C: Workloads



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